RG-3 before the accident and subsequent tragic death.

RG-3 is mark 3 in a line of robotic football players on the Scar City Butterflies. He was born under the name Robert Griffin III, but an unfortunate footballing accident resulted in his reliance on cybernetic enhancements.

The Incident Edit

It was a big match, the one that would get them to the SuperBowl, RG-3 wanted to give his team the best possible chance so he overrode his bionic limiters so that they would go past the safe threshold while this did win the Butterflies the game his bionic leg gave out at one put and he had to be put down by a badass doctor with a gun right in the middle of the field in front of all the onlooking crowds and so RG-3's life came to an end but he died knowing that he had brought his team victory. The new model RG-4 was then booted up in the changing room and the valiant sacrifice of RG-3 was soon forgotten.

First mentioned: Episode 22

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