First mentioned: Episode 15

Aliases Edit

Scar City, Scarcity, The Thunderdome of Heroes

Location Edit

On a small island off the coast of Florida, USA.

Districts Edit

  • Bjoria
  • Keen Valley
  • The South-Side

Points of Interest Edit

Notable Residents Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Scar City was dubbed 'The Thunder Dome of Heroes by it's very own radio show hosts Jesse Cox and Crendor and was called such due to the large amount of superheroes living in it.
  • Scar City is also well known for it's high quality non-content radio station, the most popular of which being SCR.
  • Scar City's Professional Football Team, the Scar City Butterflies, are a successful NFL Team consisting of many talented player; including, but not limited to: Greg Jennings and Jacoby Jones .
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