The Yule Lads

The Yule Lads are a gang of thirteen mischievous creatures that eat children during Christmas time who came from Reykjavik, Iceland but made their way down to Scar City. Each Lad has a specific role.

First introduced: Episode 12


Sheep-Coat Clod

Sheep-Coat Clod

Sheep-Coat ClodEdit

- Harrasses sheep

- Has stiff peglegs

- Sometimes uses his peglegs as weapons, somehow

Gully GawkEdit

- Hides in gullies



- Steals milk


- Abnormally short

- Eats the crust from pans

Spoon Licker

Spoon Licker

Spoon LickerEdit

- He steals a type of spoon

- Licks the food from the spoons he steals

- Extremely thin due to malnutrition

Pot ScraperEdit

- Steals leftovers from pots

Bowl Stealer

Bowl Stealer

Bowl StealerEdit

- Hides under beds

- Steals their askur

Door SlammerEdit

- Likes to slam doors, especially at night

- Works with Doorway Sniffer

Skyr GobblerEdit

Skyr Gobbler

Skyr Gobbler

- Eats skyr (a type of yogurt)

- Has high immunity

Sausage Swiper

Sausage Swiper

Sausage SwiperEdit

- Hides in the rafters

- Has night-vision goggles

- Swipes your sausages

- Sometimes he teams up with Meat Hook

Window PeeperEdit

- Looks through windows

- Likes to steal things (like virginity)

Doorway SnifferEdit

- Uses his large nose to sniff doorways

- Sniffs out the doors for Door Slammer to slam

Meat HookEdit

- Has a large hook

- Hooks your meat

- Sometimes teams up with Sausage Swiper

Candle StealerEdit

- Follows children around to take their candles

- Proceeds to eat their candles

Doorway Sniffer

Doorway Sniffer

Candle Stealer

Candle Stealer

Meat Hook

Meat Hook

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