Woppy's role in Cox n' Crendor in the morning Edit

Woppy is a robot owned by SCR who is voice activated by the phrase 'weather' and is deactivated by being kicked. Woppy does the weather when Crendor can't be bothered, much like how The Replacement Guy does the traffic when Crendor can't be bothered. Woppy is activated by mashing a lever.

Woppy's First Appearance Edit

Woppy was first mentioned in Cox n' Crendor Episode 89 , However his canonical voice first appeared Cox 'n' Crendor Episode 91.

Woppy's interests Edit

Woppy, as a high class robot, enjoys a nice glass of Pinot Noir. Despite his grandeur, he is prone to slurping his wine. This has caused issues in the high level post-production sound editing of Cox n' Crendor in the morning. These instances of Woppy's "little slurping problem" can be found in episodes 102 and 103.

Woppy's Origin Edit

Woppy was built at the Woppo Factory in South Dakota. Woppo units are usually sold at the high price of $45,000, but Cox n Crendor in the Morning was given one for free because the higher ups at the Woppo Factory were fans of the show. The company did not loose any significant profit through this generous gesture because the price of keeping a factory open in South Dakota is $6 a month.

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